Group Psychotherapy

The aim of group therapy is to facilitate healing and growth through the experience of connection and belonging in a community.  Group therapy has many benefits including:

  • allowing for a realisation and experience that you aren’t alone;
  • experiencing a safe, confidential space in which you can explore the emotional challenges you are facing;
  • providing a non-judgmental space for reflection in the here and now on how you experience others, and how others may experience you;
  • helping you to find your voice and/or find different ways of being in relationship with others; and
  • affordability.

I offer three groups:

  • This Is Us – a general group open to everyone
  • Home From Home – for people of African and Caribbean heritage living in the diaspora
  • Holding Space – for people who look after vulnerable others

These are closed groups, limited to 6 clients in each. Once a group fills up, a waiting list is in place so that a new group can start once 6 more people have expressed interest. Each group meets weekly for 90 minutes via Zoom videoconferencing.  The cost is £30 per session.

If you are interested in joining a group, call me on +44 7849 811 358 or email me at to arrange your free 30- minute consultation. We will discuss your current concerns, needs, future goals and the structure of group therapy.